Commission Delegation Visit To Lower Dir PK- 95

15-May-2015The Chairperson in the delegation of the Commission visited district Lower Dir to hold meeting with the District Commissioner, District Election Commissioner, District Officer Social Welfare and the members of the Community on the issue of non-voting during bye-election in PK- 95 .

The DC assures that within the ambit if their role they ensure that the code of conducts by the Election Commission for the contesting parties was implemented. he further said that he went out of the way to arrange security for female polling station by issuing notification for the additional duties of LHV’s and assure that no agreement to barred women from voting took place contrary to the general perception.

The District Election Commissioner also ensure that the election commission had made sure that adequate arrangement was made to facilitate women voting in the district and informed the delegation that out of 355 polling station 13 were dedicated for women. The chairperson emphasize that number of female polling station may be enhanced and all possible measure to curb the incidence and potential verbal agreements to stop women voting in the upcoming Local Bodies Election must be taken. The community women informed the delegation that political parties had a consensus for not letting women to vote unless the result tends to appear non favorable for one of the contesting parties and that is when one of the candidate start making hue and cry about non polling of women.

The delegation emphasize using local media channels to spread awareness about the upcoming local bodies and women voting education and discuss with authority that Complaint Cell shall be launched by the commission to trace possible reports of Violation of Women Rights. Earlier n Mardan 4 district committees on the status of women were activated in meeting headed by the chairperson of the Commission.
Wherein the introductory meeting was held with the 4 DCSW which are

1. Mardan
2. Charsadda
3. Swat
4. Swabi

Furthermore, the members were oriented on the need for monitoring the local bodies selection in their respective districts. The committee said that their 1st statutory meeting shall soon be convened to discuss the strategy for local bodies’ election.

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