Meeting With Election Commissioner Of Pakistan


Meeting of delegation headed by the Chairperson of Women Commission Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was held with the Chief election Commissioner Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to discussed the majors taken by the election commission for enhance the participation of women specially majors for eliminating the practices of barring of women from voting during election . The Election Commissioner apprised the representative of Women Commission on the number of majors of by election Commission of Pakistan including devising the cord of conduct for the staff of the election Commission as well as the candidates. He also said that the complaint cell shall be setup for reports on any agreement /Violation of women’s voting rights. To encourage more women to participate in polling process .The election commission also under took media campaign for women aware an education for voters. The chairperson said that the commission shall be actively monitor and observe the polling process and it is hope that those involved in the violation of women rights, if any, shall be held accountable the commission it was shared shall also conceded proposing the law for nullifying the result of any constituency with less than 20% of total registered women voters in given constituency

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